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A balustrade system is the combination of the railing (both at the top and bottom), newels (support posts on both sides of the rail section), and balusters (smaller posts between the newels) to form a decorative railing

Peaked Post Top Baluster Top Rail Newel Post Baluster Trim Collar Rail Support Block Baluster Bottom Rail

The railing design choice is an aesthetic option For large spans of rail sections, a support block should be placed under the bottom rail so there is never more than 48” between posts Each rail section will require two rail installation kits to connect the rail to each newel Newel posts will line both ends of each rail section Each newel requires one Newel Post Installation Kit (NPK) to anchor the base of the post to the substrate Additional accessories such as caps and trim kits can attach to the newels for an additional flair Most local building codes require that balusters be spaced in a way that a 4” ball cannot pass between them at any point Each baluster design has a maximum center-to-center distance which will ensure that this building code is met To determine the number of balusters, divide the rail length, in inches, by the center spacing dimension Any fractional answers should be rounded up to the next whole number

Balustrade Systems


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