Fypon Products 2022

Fypon manufactures two types of louvers - decorative and functional Decorative louvers have closed, non-ventilating slats that do not allow air to pass through They are used for decorative purposes only, to accent exterior fa├žade applications Functional louvers accent exterior applications, but also have open slats that allow for ventilation The inside of the functional louver has a non-corrosive screen that helps keep insects out, while allowing airflow between the slats In addition, accessory pieces such as flat trim and keystones add style and beauty, and are available for most louver styles If you are ordering a functional louver, you should order a louver that is approximately 2" larger than your rough opening on all sides This will allow you to attach the louver to the substrate through the brickmould edge

14" x 20" Rough Opening


Order LV18X24


The products in this section of the catalog are organized by louver style followed by matching trim Where applicable, matching keystones are referenced for each louver and trim piece A urethane-based adhesive must be used on all joint surfaces For more information, please see page 71 Louvers with a flat trim will use a flat keystone profile

Keystone (For Trim Profile)

Keystone for 4F Trim

Louvers with a brickmould trim or with no trim will use a brickmould keystone profile

Keystone For Brickmould Profile or Louver

Keystone For Louver with Brickmould Plus 4F Trim

Keystone For Louver



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