Fypon Products 2024


INTRODUCTION Fypon offers a unique way to add distinction with historically accurate products that bring out the best of any home Each product in this catalog includes the sizing (width, height, length, and projection), a detailed drawing, and the part number for easy ordering For quick and easy reference, this catalog has been divided into major product categories If you don’t see a product you normally purchase, contact Reeb’s Customer Service department to help you find what you need INVENTORY Reeb® stocks an extensive amount of Fypon products because investing in quality decorative millwork means transforming the basic design of a home into a true work of art From subtle enhancements like eye-catching brackets and balustrades to dramatic archways and exquisite mouldings, quality Fypon products will add to the décor of any home POLYURETHANE MILLWORK The first step in manufacturing polyurethane millwork is to create molds that will be used A coat of primer paint is sprayed into the mold Once the primer has dried, the urethane foam is poured into the mold, and then placed in a press After the foam cures and hardens in the shape, the mold can be removed from the press in preparation for finishing the product The product is removed from the mold and is inspected for quality A second coat of primer is applied and the product is boxed and readied for shipment

FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Low-maintenance product

• Lightweight and easy to install • No stain or paint prep needed • Can be cut, trimmed or shaped like wood using standard woodworking tools

• Resists moisture and insects • Wonʼt warp, crack, rot or split • Backed by a lifetime limited warranty

FYPON SERVICE Building professionals trust Fypon to deliver outstanding customer service and support by providing:

• Drawings and marketing support for blueprints and model homes • An industry-first quote package program with quantity pricing tool

• Support from Fypon experts and answers to common installation questions • Custom design services for historical restorations, replicas or any unique profile that fits your home or commercial application


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