Reeb Price Catalog - Interior Doors - Effective 05/06/2019 to 12/31/2019

MDF Doors List Price

When ordering MDF doors, please specify the type of panel, raised or flat, the type of sticking (for example) ogee or square, thickness, design, etc. Doors shown below are examples of a few door only prices. Please call Reeb for more door styles and unit pricing.

Specification 3068 1-3/8" Door Only

Primed RSP 3/8" Flat Panel Stile & Rail





Doweled Stile and Rail Construction

Doweled Stile & Rail Construction

Raised Panel, 8 Optional Molding Styles

Solid Panel

For simple flat panel designs 1-5 panels in standard sizes, the Reeb RSP prime door offers the best value for a door that will be painted 1-Panel

PR8020 $216.00









For a flat panel design, the Reeb RSP door offers the best value. For common raised panel designs with square corners Karona MDF doors offer the best value and appearance. 2-Panel PR8082 K4010 7102 4102 1102 $222.00 $340.00 $374.00 $407.00 $490.00 For common designs that have square edges in raised panel designs, Karona doors offer the best value and appearance. Ovation doors also offer a good choice but will have some rounding at the corners. 3-Panel K5310 7103 4103 1103 N/A $340.00 $437.00 $467.00 $545.00 For designs that include an arch or round panel, Ovation solid panel doors offer the best value. The Bravo door should be used when a stile and rail construction with some complexity in the design is required. Use the Infinity door when raised moldings are required. 2-Panel Arch Top K4010A 7202 4202 1202 N/A $456.00 $464.00 $474.00 $569.00

For doors needing complex designs, the construction of a solid panel Ovation door allows for intricate designs.

3-Panel w/ Small Circular Center Rail 7574

N/A N/A For doors with circular rail designs use the Ovation solid panel door. Use the Infinity door when raised moldings are required. N/A $574.00 N/A

3-Panel w/ Circular Center Rail



N/A $818.00 For doors with curved designs use the Ovation door for solid panel. Use the Infinity door when raised moldings are required. N/A $574.00 N/A

5-Panel w/ Arched Panels








Reeb recommends you consider the use of both Emtek Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinges and a 5/4" frame for our MDF doors. The more substantial construction of these hinges and longer screws for the door and frame result in a higher performing, longer lasting product. The 5/4" frame is recommended in order to better support the weight of these doors on prehung units. Please see our Additions and Deductions section for pricing.

Rough Openings For 5/4" Jambs Bethlehem, Syracuse, Barclay & Mocksville


Add to Door Width

Add to Door Height

Add to Door Width

Add to Door Height

Single Unit


2-3/4" 2-3/4"


3-1/4" 3-1/4"

Double Unit w/ Astragal



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